Community Emergency Response Team Training

There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.
— Stephen King, Different Seasons
  • PTA supported CERT Community Emergency Response Team at every public school.
  • Parent Volunteer Team for Earthquake Disaster Response in front of every public school. 
  • Partner with Ready-Made Volunteer Organizations, such as AYSO, LL Baseball, YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts to promote FEMA CERT Training, First Aid.
  • First Aid Training for School Children.
  • TEEN CERT @ every Middle & High School.
  • Earthquake First Aid Training at Community Farmer's markets. 
  • Work with and prepare retail businesses to have Employees trained in First Aid and drilled in TEAM EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE STATION METHOD .
  • Introduce the quick TEAM RESPONSE STATION  (Triage needs, Emergencies first, Accurate info , Manage Care).
  • Establish an honest and open line of communication with Fire Dept., Law Enforcement, Local Council, School Districts about an Earthquake Disaster plan for schools,  children, and the whole community.